"I'm a wanderer on a shamanic journey called transformation following the tracks of the ancestral path of the bewildered Sacred Feminine."






Currently I`m developing my solo project Völven.

The key moment to Völven (derived from Völva, an Old Norse and Icelandic term for a female sorceress or shaman, seer) I had by exploring and tracing back growls and the resonance of certain tones.

It led me to the magickal and healing depths of throat singing also called overtone singing.

In Latin breath is called anima, "breath, spirit, life.

Guttural vocals, didgeridoo. mouth harp, monochord, field-recordings and psychedelic vibrations create mandalas of darkness and light.

I am inspired mostly by the animistic view of nature as well as dark ambient, psychogeography, meditation, sacred music from around the world. 

Retrospective -  In 2008, a big dream came true!

 I founded my first rock band with my guitarist friend as e-bass player and singer. In 2009 I played electric bass in an ethno rock band as a side project.

In 2010 my first black metal band Cult of Blood was born! I mainly focused on vocals, songwriting, management, music video scripts and directing.

We released 2 music videos "Hail Saturnus" and "Runar", an EP, the full-lenght album ERDGEIST and played live shows with great other bands.

After the band broke up in 2015/16 it became very important to me to develop the vocals further and to trace its transformative healing power.





Since 1998 I`m creating art photography, bodypaintings and from 2008 on occult music, short video clips and field-recordings.

After my studies I completed an education in gymnastics, Modern Dance and Contemporary followed by live performances and classes.

As a photo model of a professional Swiss photographer I gained my first experiences in photography. Followed by longstanding successful collaboration and apprenticeship, book publications, tv shows and reports in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

In 2002, we organized a public photo shooting at the ART UNLIMITED BASEL where we collaborated with the New York-based installation artist Jan Baracz.

Between 2005 and 2010 I presented my works to a larger audience in various compilation books by Skylight Edition Zurich and several series at the German magazine Stern.